Romantic Love Letters To Copy

By | September 14, 2013

If you are looking for looking for Romantic Love Letters to copy, you are in the right place!.

We have free pre-written love letters, famous love letters to read for inspiration, short love poems, love quotes and more tools to help you write a beautiful love letter or love note to your sweetheart.

In the past, writing love letters was a common activity… but that was before telephones, texts and emails. Subsequently, writing love notes has become foreign to us – and we need a little help to get us going!

It’s time to bring back romance and fan the flame! Celebrate and express your love!

Having romantic love letters to copy makes it easy to start.

Here are your resources:

Love Quotes Start or finish your love letter with a great love quote.

Famous Love Letters Do you want to read some of the most famous love letters ever written?These are great romantic love letters to copy from. Take a line or two and add your own voice to it.

Love Poems Find inspiration for your love notes from these sweet love poems

How do you write a good love letter?

There are a few winning ingredients but number one would be to writefrom the heart. Get ideas from famous love letters and pre written letters… but just as a pointer. Your words should be inspired and authentic.

1)Write about when you first met

2)How your partner has impacted your life

3)How your partner makes you feel

4)What you look forward to sharing or experiencing together

5)How your partner has infuenced you

6)If you are creative you can use metaphors or similes

Romantic Love Letter Example

Dearest Samantha,

It is amazing how suddenly and unexpectedly life can change when love comes in. It was a regular day of rushing to the office and making my morning coffee run, when out of nowhere you appeared. You pulled me in like a familiar song. I knew we were kindred spirits and that this day was significant.

For me you are my sunlight. You fill me with joy and contentment and give me strength when the world gets me down. I cherish your loving kind nature and your good humor. You have made me want to be a better person and I am a changed man because of you.

You are my best friend, my inspiration and I am so blessed that you chose me the way I chose you.

I know we have so much more fun ahead, pursuing our dreams in travel, work and building our home, but just to hold you in my arms is Everything to me.

I love you
Your husband

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