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By | March 28, 2014

Looking for witty & downright hilarious Eddie Murphy quotes?, you will find some of his very best right here! 

Eddie Murphy is a Golden Globe and Academy Award winning actor who has starred in dozens of films over the years. He is perhaps most well-known for his roles in the Nutty Professor films and for his voice as the donkey in Shrek but he has also had parts in numerous other comedy films.

Born in Brooklyn, New York in 1961, Murphy had a troubled upbringing with his father dying at a young age. He also spent a year in foster care whilst his mother was ill.

Murphy has since stated that this was what led to his career in comedy. At the age of 15 Murphy started to create his own stand up comedy routines and he is now one of the most successful comedians in the world today.

Eddie Murphy Quotes – On His Career

“I’m relaxed about my career. I’ve been making movies for over 20 years, so I’ve earned the right to relax.”

“You know making a movie is a collaborative effort and sometimes all the ingredients don’t work out. I know that every now and again I am going to make a movie that won’t work.”

“I’ve always had confidence. It came because I have a lot of initiative. I wanted to make something of myself.”

“I’ve made 30 movies and for the most part my movies work. In a businesswhere success is an exception and not the rules, I’ve mostly been successful.”

“I’m in a whole different part of show business. I’m not even part of Shakespeare in Love.”

“I never had inspirations to be in this movie business. I was always a stand up comedian, that’s what I am more than anything…”

Eddie Murphy Quotes – On Other Celebrities

“The only reason I did ‘Showtime’ was Robert De Niro. I definitely consider him to be in the top 5 all time actors.”

“That’s my idol, Elvis Presley. If you ever went to my house, you’d see pictures all over of Elvis. He’s just the greatest entertainer that ever lived. And I think it’s just because he had such a presence. When Elvis walked into a room, Elvis Presley was in the fucking room. I don’t give a fuck who was in the room with him – Bogart, Marilyn Monroe…”

“I feel like those are the most brilliant comic minds ever. You can draw a line from them to anyone who’s doing comedy or just trying to be funny today, including me.” (Talking about Richard Pryor, Charlie Chaplin, Bill Cosby and George Carlin.)

“Mick Jagger’s lips so big, black people be going “You got some big ass lips””.“I don’t think more concentration is required for Robert De Niro to do what he does as for Jim Carey to do what he does”.

Eddie Murphy Quotes – On Money

“Every bad decision I’ve ever made has been based on money. I grew up in the projects and you don’t turn down money there. You take it, because you never know when it’s all going to end. I made Cop III because they offered me $15 million. That $15 million was worth having Roger Ebert’s thumb up my ass”.

“Right now we’ve got to stretch that dollar as far as we can.”

Eddie Murphy Quotes – On Children and Fatherhood

“The thing about kids is that they express emotion. They don’t hold back. If they want to cry, they cry, and if they are in a good mood, they’re in a good mood.”

“My life is nothing like the ‘Daddy Day Care’ life. Me around the house is nothing like the ‘Daddy Day Care’ dad. He does a lot of diaper changing and all that kind of stuff. I do very little. I shut down at that. I can’t do that. I wouldn’t do a good job.”

“I would do a scene with a little kid and they’d turn to me afterwards and say, “I love you Eddie Murphy”. That’s a new thing for me, to have a co-star in a scene turn to me and tell me they love me. In ’48 Hours’ Nick Nolte never turned to me and said “I love you Ed””.

“It’s important to spend time with them… I want my grandchildren to be brought up the same way I raised my children”.

“I’m sadistic. I go to the supermarket to watch mothers lose it and beat the **** out of their kids”.

“There’s something about the ice cream truck that makes kids lose it. And they can hear that shit from ten blocks away. They don’t hear their mothers calling but they can hear that motherfucking ice cream truck.

Eddie Murphy Quotes – On His Future

“If I don’t die in a plane crash or something, this country has a rare opportunity to watch a talent grow.”

“I keep telling people I’ll make movies until I’m fifty and then I’ll go and do something else. I’m going to be a professional gentleman of leisure.”

“I think in twenty years I’ll be looked at like Bob Hope. Doing those president jokes and golf shit. It scares me”.

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